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Historical Copy of the Title Register

The Historical Copy of the Register will enable you to view comprehensive information regarding the history of the land or property, including previous ownership, charges, rights. Earliest Historical copies are normally available from 1993. Please allow 7 working days for delivery of historical editions!

Please provide the details of the property that you would like to search.
Title Number (if known) :: A title number is a combination of letters and numbers or numbers only
Flat Number :: (e.g: 12 or 2/3F)
Tenure (if known) :: Some properties are affected by both Freehold and Leasehold titles. This selection will help us finding the correct title.
Property Number or Name :: E.g. No. 127 or Crown House
Postcode :: (E.g. SE15 6QD)
Date of Register Required :: Historical Copies are available only from the 1990s
Comments :: Here you can provide additional information relating to the search

Additional Documents :: You can choose additional documents here at a discounted price.